Wedding Videography

Mom's touch, an endearing smile, walking down the aisle with dad, stealing glances, loving embraces from friends, invaluable moments captured for eternity 


Natalie and William

A fun little intimate wedding in BC's Fraser valley. What's not to love about the beautiful background of blue hills, green meadows and buffalos. Natalie and William know how to party and this was such a pleasure to capture. 

Mike and Nilly 

Balmy summer day, delectable banquet, frisky pop music, excited aunts and cousins, and so much more that we will remember from this classy Persian wedding. Here's a little snippet from Mike and Nilly's wedding at a hillside mansion in West Vancouver. 

Priyanka and Josh

This night was filled with multicultural snapshots. The indo-american duo set the stage —dramatic moments, bollywood dancing, indian dholis, jazzy funk music, fiddle tunes—complete with an awesome collection of people from all over the world.